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Focus On Seniors: More Time, Less Work (2/2013)

For many seniors, one of the best ways to free up your time and money is to downsize to a smaller home. Maintaining a yard, cleaning, and repairing a house can be an enormous financial and physical burden. This is especially true for large homes where you may be paying for things you no longer use - extra bedrooms, a large yard, or a pool. If you are on a fixed income, the rising cost of these expenses will continue to take an increasing toll on your finances.

The solution for many has been to relocate to a townhome or condominium. There are a variety of buildings for any budget. They have a monthly fee that includes maintenance on the building, grounds, and any shared features such as pools, tennis courts, or gyms. It also covers a protion of the insurance and utility costs. Many are easily accessible, single-level units with convenient layouts. Some even have resort-like ammenities with theatres, concierge service, and guest rooms. Small yards and lanais are also available - perfect for the that gardener or pet lover.

Perhaps the most attractive reason to downsize is to be near others with similar interests. Many buildings

have a significant number of senior residents.
For example, 40-60% of the owners living in Hokua, Hawaiki Tower, and Koolani are over 65!

Downsizing does not mean sacrificing. The exchange of land or living space in a house generally leads to a more comfortable or luxurious living condition in a condominium or townhome. Without the maintenance needs, you will have more time to actually enjoy all the amenities at your new home. Additionally, as an investment, you can be reassured that condominiums and townhomes rise in value just as good as single family homes.

Making the transition is not always easy, but getting the right realtor can help. Our team will find you that perfect new home, prepare your current house to get top dollar, and coordinate your move. We work with dozens of contractors, movers, cleaners, estate planners, and other professionals to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Start by exploring your options with a no-obligation consultation. The meeting is private and we can answer many of your specific concerns. If it's the right decision, you make the call and we'll make it happen.